Meet Dr. Jason Chang


Dr. Jason Chang, DDS — Compassionate Care With Results

There’s a reason many patients travel long distances to see Dr. Chang. He and his team practice The Golden Rule.

Why Dr. Chang Chose Dentistry

Dr. Chang chose dentistry for the same reason he chose the holistic, minimally invasive approach:

“I love my work because I can help people have better overall health, which also improves their lives. Our advanced technology is less painful, and there’s less need for repair. People like the new no-fear dentistry. I understand — I’m a patient too.

“Onlays are a good example. They’re less painful, they require one visit instead of two, and there’s less risk of root canals later.”

Dr. Chang, as a general dentist, can help with almost all your dental needs. There’s no need for referrals or searching for multiple specialists.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Values

  • Find and fix underlying causes — avoid decay
  • Provide risk assessments — diagnose and treat early
  • Use evidence-based dentistry
  • Treat people ethically — respectfully — with integrity
  • Help people improve their lives — through better dental health

Dr. Chang’s Number One Dental Advice

“Good dental care at home is the very basis for healthy teeth and gums. Brush and floss the right way every day — more than once — and see your dentist twice a year. My family and I do!”

On the Personal Side

Born in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Chang has called Snohomish County, Washington home for more than 14 years. He loves spending time with his lovely wife and two little adorable daughters.  Dr. Chang likes to entertain his little girls with juggling. If he has a free minute or two, you might get the hidden extrovert in him to entertain you too.

You wouldn’t know it by his calm, quiet manner, but Dr. Chang loves to play — and win — at hockey. Windsurfing is a real thrill for him too. A lover of music, he’s pretty skilled at piano, and is learning the ukulele. We wonder if he plans to learn drums next and become his own one-man band.

Dr. Chang’s Commitment to Children and Community

One thing you’ll notice right away is Dr. Chang’s genuine commitment to helping others. He walks the talk, and with a humble heart.

“I truly aspire to be a good example to my children, community, and profession in everything I do. I feel it’s a real privilege to work with service organizations. I’m honored that so many people put their complete trust and confidence in me.”

Through his volunteer work, Dr. Chang provides dental health education and emergency care to many in need:

Teaching Dental Students

Dr. Chang is a well-respected dentist with expertise in advanced technology and minimally invasive dentistry. He’s been a favorite teacher of many up-and-coming dentists:

  • Swedish Hospital, Seattle Special Care Dentistry Lecturer
  • University of Washington, Past Adjunct Professor, Lecturer
  • University of Washington, Past General Practice Site Director

Continuing Education to Serve You Better

Continuing education is a way of life for Dr. Chang and his team. Their advanced technology requires additional qualifications. On top of that, the Chang Team chooses to attend extra training to uphold the practice’s high standards.

Professional Memberships

Dr. Chang has been practicing general dentistry for 15 years. His professional memberships include:


Dr. Chang’s Education

Dr. Chang spent many years learning his areas of expertise: